The Kootenay Shambhala Meditation Centre is part of Shambhala, a global community dedicated to building a wise, kind and strong society based on recognizing the innate goodness of all.

Upcoming programs and retreats...

Warrior's Heart - a 6 day meditation retreat

with Susan Chapman

May 20th—May 26th

Join Susan Chapman at the Kootenay Shambhala Center for Warrior's Heart - a 6 day meditation retreat open to all students who have completed Level V of Shambhala Training, Open Sky. Continue »

Open Sky – Shambhala Training Level V

with Susan Chapman

May 24th—May 26th

With Open Sky, we relax into vastness. Having identified with the natural qualities of spontaneous wakefulness and openness within ourselves, we learn to trust them. Then we can let go into the vast spaciousness of our minds and the world around us. Continue »

Open House


Learn to meditate, join a discussion, and meet people at our popular Monday Night Open House, 7–8:30pm. It’s open to all, free, and great for newcomers. Bring your friends! Learn more »

  • Understanding Year End Practice & Dön Season

    by Russell Rodgers In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, there is a period before the Tibetan New Year in the late winter/early spring when accumulated karma comes to fruition and societal obstacles arise. This year, between January 30 – February 8, we will do “Mamo Practice” to purify obstacles of the old year. Then, on Shambhala Day, February 10, we … Continue 

  • In Ordinariness…Magic is Possible

    “We could say that magic begins at home, with our own minds. What is so special about it? We don’t see anything extraordinary about it. That is true. It is quite ordinary. In fact, the ordinary aspect becomes so powerful that it is magic. We relate with the world on as ordinary a level as … Continue 

  • “Whoa…” Entering Into Your Sitting Practice

    by Lynn Dragone Today I find myself. Ah, Here I am!….as I break through the momentum of my day. I find myself as I am looking out the window toward Elephant mountain. I see the wind moving the branches of the tree outside. I hear a crow call out, then a siren in the distance, … Continue