Centre Leaders

We encourage you to share your inspiration, questions, suggestions, and other thoughts with any Kootenay Shambhala Centre leaders, in person or otherwise.

Email messages sent to us at nelsonbuddha@gmail.com will be forwarded fittingly.

Primary Leaders

Miles Parker
Centre Director
(250) 352-0631 | milesparker@gmail.com

Russell Rodgers
Shastri, Meditation Instructor, Council Member
(250) 551-0660 | marg2russ@gmail.com

Sally Albert
Director of Practice and Education
(250) 357-2497 | eldoradocreek@gmail.com

Peter Maloff
Acting Rusung Dorje Kasung
(250) 365-9635 | pmaloff@hotmail.com

Other Key Leaders

Margaret McKeown
Head of Finance, Council Member
(250) 352-6559 | marg2russ@netidea.com

Lynn Dragone
Meditation Instructor, Council Member
(250) 352-1964 | deerdragon55@gmail.com

Tim Albert
Meditation Instructor, Council Member
(250) 357-2497 | billycreek49@gmail.com

Cameron Wenaus
Publicity Coordinator, Meditation Instructor, Council Member
(250) 509-1147 | cameron@retreat.guru

Meditation Instructors
See our Meditation Instructors list