Centre Leaders

We encourage you to share your feedback, questions and other thoughts with any Kootenay Shambhala Centre leaders, in person or otherwise.

Email messages sent to us at nelsonbuddha@gmail.com will be forwarded fittingly.

Primary Leaders

Miles Parker
Centre Director
250-352-0631 | milesparker@gmail.com

Russell Rodgers
Shastri, Meditation Instructor, Council Member
250-551-0660 | marg2russ@gmail.com

Sally Albert
Director of Practice and Education
250-357-2497 | eldoradocreek@gmail.com

Peter Maloff
Acting Rusung Dorje Kasung
250-365-9635 | pmaloff@hotmail.com

Other Key Leaders

Margaret McKeown
Head of Finance, Council Member
250-352-6559 | marg2russ@netidea.com

Lynn Dragone
Meditation Instructor, Council Member
250-352-1964 | deerdragon55@gmail.com

Tim Albert
Meditation Instructor, Council Member
250-357-2497 | billycreek49@gmail.com

Cameron Wenaus
Publicity Coordinator, Meditation Instructor, Council Member
250-509-1147 | cameron@retreat.guru

Meditation Instructors
See our Meditation Instructors list