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We are delighted to announce the arrival of Max & Phoebe Go to Kalapa: A Child’s Tale of Bravery, by Christie Cashman, with colour illustrations by Ambika Rutherford. This lungta-lifting, illustrated book for ages 6 and up is the perfect gift for the children in your life. Here are highlights from what advance readers are saying:

     *A must-read for any family who aspires to arm their child with contemplative power.—Carolyn Mandelker, Director, the Shambhala School

     *An inspiring resource for children’s programs, Family Camp, Rites of Passage, & beyond.Tracy Suchocki, Shambhala Office of Families & Children

     *Includes meeting the dralas, the four dignities, the lhasang ceremony, & warrior songs. Highly recommended.—Steve Sachs, Director, Alaya Preschool

     *My 9-year-old daughter loved this book!Amelie Bracher, MA, Psychotherapist

To celebrate the publication of this groundbreaking book, we are offering a 25% discount on orders of 5 or more items, including books, recordings, photos, pins, practice materials, and, of course, Max & Phoebe Go to Kalapa.


Basic Buddha Art Project

“The Basic Buddha Art Project”is an invitation for YOU to express your Buddha Nature. Buddha NATURE being Basically who and what you are as a human being., basically good with abundant noble qualities that you were born with…such as Kindness, Strength, Wisdom and Peace. You are “Buddha” no less!


AND we also think and feel everything we experience as human beings…we may be ANGRY  =  Angry Buddha…or sad., Sad Buddha., or feel smart, confused, sleepy, excited or feel something beyond words can describe. We have layers of experience in us that come and go with our Basic Buddha Nature remaining steady as a mountain underneath it all. Good/Bad, Happy/Sad we have what it takes to remain open through it all.

You may express how you feel going back to school, how you’ve felt this summer or how you feel this very moment.


At the Shambhala Centre not only do we meditate to learn to connect and rest with our Basic Buddha Nature, we use our expressive capacity through ART as a genuine means to relate to ourselves as we are.


The ‘Basic Buddha Art Project’ (open Basic Empty Buddha Images) is to express whatever state of being you are Harvesting just as you are, or it may be a feeling you get from experiencing someone else as they are.


Please send me your sheet of the varying qualities that express your experiences and I will post them on our website [email protected]

If you would like to also have them displayed at the Shambhala Centre for a time to encourage others to relate openly to their Basic Buddha then please drop them off at the centre’s mailbox.


During our online Harvest Of Peace Celebration September 20th will be an opportunity to SHARE the artwork as well!


Have Fun….Lynn Dragone

Basic Buddha Images submitted