Our community is diverse, capable, and heartfelt. Our members and friends include dedicated senior teachers who have walked the Shambhala Buddhist path for many years, and enthusiastic newcomers who are just discovering our teachings on realizing basic goodness and building enlightened society.

Our centre is home to a wonderfully diverse and vibrant group of about 40 members. We share a commitment to the path of awakening and the inspiration to create a society where people appreciate their innate goodness  and aspire to express it in every aspect of their lives.

Our offerings include:

  • Free introductory and ongoing meditation instruction
  • Weekly public meditation practice sessions
  • The Way of Shambhala, an integrated Shambhala Buddhist curriculum of practice and study
  • Online courses
  • A range of community activities
  • Our own retreat land
  • Two annual one-week group meditation retreats—a public retreat each summer and a vajrayana retreat each fall
  • Program participation through an accommodating Generosity Policy
  • Opportunities to extend and deepen practice through volunteering
  • An atmosphere of wakefulness, protected by the Dorje Kasung
  • Membership in a global community dedicated to realizing the world’s potential
  • A welcoming place to be what you are!

We invite and value everyone’s presence. Come and see for yourself!

For more about Shambhala, go to the About Shambhala page on Shambhala’s central website.

Open House

open_house-200x200Aimed largely at newcomers and suitable for practitioners at all levels of experience, our ever popular weekly Monday night Open House program is one of the best places to plug into the life of our community. For a full program description, go to our Open House page.


Public Meditation

public_meditationOne of our most basic and most important community activities is group meditation practice. Each session is an opportunity to experience the power and joy of coming together, however briefly, as a community of practitioners. See our Regular Public Events Schedule for details.


Special Programs

asterisk2Special programs include Shambhala Training weekends, otherWay of Shambhala programs and, even more “special,” programs led by Shambhala acharyas and other senior teachers. These are all heightened opportunities to discover the value of community practice and study.


Children in Shambhala

children_heart-200wIntended for children of parents participating in our Sunday morning meditation practice, this semimonthly program offers a playful introduction to Shambhala, with developmentally appropriate activities to nurture body, mind and heart. More


Calm Abiding Together: Parents & Infants/Toddlers Meditation Group

circle_of_handprints-90wThis weekly group provides opportunities for parents with infants/toddlers to receive shamatha (“calm abiding”) meditation instruction and practice with their infants/toddlers present. Discussion follows practice. More



volunteering-200x200Volunteering at the Shambhala Centre is a great way to get involved and benefit others. And a great place to get started as a volunteer is our Drala Housekeeping Team. Whatever your knack, we can probably find an outlet for it.


Movie Nights

popcorn_bowlOur popular Movie Nights combine sharing good movies and preparing and eating good food and generally having a good time together—a natural fit! We started doing this in April 2007 and continue on a roughly quarterly schedule. Whoever coordinates the preparation of a night’s meal gets to pick that night’s movie(s).



glass_of_punchThe Shambhala community comes together in many ways—to practice, learn, serve others . . . and to celebrate! By joining spiritual practice with the practicalities, challenges and joys of everyday life, we aspire to create a society that expresses the dignity of human experience. You can learn more on theCelebrations page on Shambhala’s central website.