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Children’s Time at The Shambhala Centre

With Lynn Dragone

Open Dates
Kootenay Shambhala Meditation Centre
We are reviving the Sunday children's time at the Kootenay Shambhala Centre. The idea is to host children with story, arts and a variety of mindfulness practices while providing parents time to practice meditation. Age 5 - 11. With Lynn Dragone and Malin Christensson. […]

The Art of Being Human Shambhala Training Level 1

With Shastri Jason Revulson

September 28 - 29, 2019
Kootenay Shambhala Centre,
Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse a kind of goodness that is inherent in our being. It’s a sense of being aware, open and confident in one’s own being. At the same time, the world appears as a series of small, delightful surprises. This is actually our fundamental nature, and it feels basically good. This is both the basis and the result of a good meditation practice. This workshop will be appropriate for people who want to learn to meditate, or people who already have a meditation practice but want to deepen it. The program will include talks, discussions…