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The Tibetan New Year, which we call Shambhala Day, is on Tuesday Feb 5. This time of year, towards the end of winter and before spring has arrived, is regarded as a time when it is good to face and do some housecleaning of obstacles and blockages that have accumulated during the old year. It is a time when obstacles tend to become more obvious and perhaps even come to a head. Looking at the world in general, this is a time when one becomes aware of degraded actions and potential looming disasters.

In Tibetan, these obstacles are known as döns, and there is a ten day period before the new year that is called the “dön season”. To make it easy for our conceptual minds to work these obstacles, they are personified as “mamos”. Mamos are fierce and capricious feminine agents of karma. They are feminine because they are associated with insight, or prajna.

In mamo practice, first we acknowledge that quality as good feedback and good insight. Rather than taking a victim stance towards obstacles, we welcome their guidance. By leaning into the mamo principle, we mix mindfulness and awareness into our experience.


Additions to Our Regular Sitting Schedule 


Saturday Jan 26 Werma/Ngondro 9:30 – 11:30, for Vajrayana students

Sunday Jan 27 Nyinthun as usual, with short talk about Mamo practice.

Monday Jan 28 NOON SIT 12 – 1 (Open House as usual)

Tuesday Jan 29 NOON SIT 12 – 1 (Evening sit as usual 7 – 8pm)

Wednesday Jan 30 Noon sit as usual, EVENING SIT 7 – 8, with Mamo practice

Thursday Jan 31 NOON SIT 12 – 1, EVENING SIT 7 – 8, with Mamo practice

Friday Feb 1 Noon sit as usual

Saturday Feb 2 Werma/Ngondro 9:30 – 11:30, for Vajrayana students

Sunday Feb 3 Nyinthun as usual, with Mamo practice

Monday Feb 4 NEUTRAL DAY: Clean the Centre (Open House as usual)

Tuesday Feb 5 SHAMBHALA DAY: Year of the Earth Pig