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Date & Time Details: Saturday September 21, 2019 3:30 Moon of Kindness Sadhana 4:30 Fundraising and Great Exchange Game 5:30 Community Potluck

Location: Kootenay Shambhala Meditation Centre,

Address: 812 Stanley Street, Nelson, BC

Lynn Dragone
[email protected]

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Harvest of Peace

September 21, 2019

At Harvest of Peace, we harvest the bounty
of what has grown as a community. We
gather in recognition of our abundance.
We acknowledge how we can exchange
our abundance, through teachings, art,
services, practical items, food and
conversation, and supporting our building

The myriad ways we can gather in recognition of our abundance:
• Attending…just show up as you are, that’s enough
• Dharma…practicing exchanging ourselves for others through the “Sadhana Of Kindness”
• Food…bring a yummy dish to our potluck supper
The Great Exchange Challenge…bring something you are inspired by, such as:
• Art… unique and interesting Art objects that we would like to exchange
• Services…our services in whatever way we are available or find suitable to each other’s needs
• Practical items…that we may not need but think that someone else can use
• Song/Dance/Poetry as exchange
• Conversation, sharing who we are in dialogue
• Play the exchange Game – Children can participate with their gifts of ‘treasures’,
expression etc…