Public Talk on Contemplative Photography and Meditation

May 11th (2017)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    photo by Nick Kenrick (cc)

    Please join us for a talk and slideshow of some images from Nalanda Miksang contemplative photography by John McQuade.  It will present the view and practice of Nalanda Miksang and its connection with the tradition and path of meditation practice.  There is no fee and all are welcome to attend.

    Please Note: In the following two weekends there will be workshops that will teach students how to practice Nalanda Miksang.  The first on May 13th and 14th is called Looking and Seeing and the second on May 20th and 21st is called Orderly Chaos and AbsoluteEye.  For more information on Miksang visit and

    John McQuade is one of the founders of Miksang contemplative photography and is the founder of Nalanda Miksang and AbsoluteEye photography.  He is also co-author of Looking and Seeing: An introduction to Nalanda Miksang.  He is a long-time practitioner in Shambhala and was twice the Director of the Toronto Shambhala Center, a Shambhala Training teacher and a Maitri Five Wisdom's teacher.