Harvest of Appreciation

Please feel free to continue sending any “offerings” of creative life experiences you are inspired to share…art, cooking, harvest from your garden, projects on the go…for an ongoing Harvest of Appreciation for how we spend our lives.

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The word ikebana means “living flowers”.  The materials, including the rocks, are alive and close to nature.  They have their own strength, their own gentleness, their own dignity and elegance.  You can communicate with them.  Any branch or flower can be used in the arrangement.  Nothing is rejected as ugly.  It is all workable.  The point is to connect with each element and allow it to find its proper place.
– Karen Hayward in Sacred World

“When we offer flowers, we try to remember “emptiness,” that there is no “self” making the offering, no ego looking for praise or diminished by criticism, no Buddha who receives the offering, no flowers existing in the solid way they appear.  Only the dreamscape, the illusory nature of our world appearing in its many forms, arising, receding, dissolving, arising….We try to remember that all of life is like a dream appearing to our waking mind, that appearances are deceptive, moments pass quickly, living things are fleeting.”
– Joan D. Stamm in Heaven and Earth are Flowers
little chestnuts
how often are you
stepped on
–  haiku by Issa (1763 – 1828)
little chestnuts
it’s not yet your day
to burst
– haiku by Issa (1763 – 1828)