Shastri Jason Revulson

Shastri Jason Ruvelson began studying and practicing the Shambhala wisdom teachings since 1992 and formally became a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche in 1999. Mr. Ruvelson completed a Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, and worked as a psychotherapist for a number of years. After moving to Bellingham, WA he served in a number of positions including head of Practice and Education, Center Director, and most recently as Chadzo for the Bellingham Shambhala Center. Additionally, Mr. Ruvelson works as the Finance Director for North Cascades Institute whose goal is to: inspire and empower environmental stewardship for all through transformative experiences in nature. His current passion is practicing appreciation with camera in hand.

Events with Shastri Jason Revulson

The Art of Being Human Shambhala Training Level 1
September 28, 2019

Through the practice of meditation, we glimpse a kind of goodness that is inherent in our being. It’s a sense of being aware, open and confident in one’s own being. At the same time, the world appears as a series of small, delightful surprises. This is actually our fundamental nature, and it feels basically good. This is both the basis and the result of a good meditation practice. This workshop will be appropriate for people who want to learn to meditate, or people who already have a meditation practice but want to deepen it. The program will include meditation instruction,…