Book Review: ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY A Shambhala Buddhist Reading of the Yijing (I Ching) by Acharya Daniel Hessey

I found this to be a deeply insightful ‘unpacking’ of the I ching/Yijing as well as a means to understand the profound teachings of Shambhala. It discusses Basic Goodness, Co Emergence, Drala, Auspicious Coincidence, Authentic Presence and what it means to
Join Heaven and Earth.

It also explains with great clarity the view on ‘divination’ itself. Both intellectual rigor and wisdom are eloquently balanced in this first book of many volumes. This foundation book introduces us to the aim of these guiding principles set out in a series of essays, The Great Treatise Volume II.

Once again, I am thoroughly enjoying the insight from the depth Daniel Hessey has plumbed in communicating these teachings that are thousands of years old… both Yijing and Shambhala.

Reviewed by -Lynn Dragone

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