Orderly Chaos and AbsoluteEye: Absolute Contemplative Photography

with John McQuade

May 20th—May 21st (2017)

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  • $120 Program Price
  • $150 Patron Price
Room: Main Shrine Room
photo by Mike Foster

"Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news"
Choygam Trungpa

The visual world manifest as it is: nothing added, nothing taken away. In this weekend workshop we explore the visual as the visual. American modern artists have explored the same way of seeing. You will learn to see what they see.

Nalanda Miksang is based on Chogyam Trungpa's teaching the "Three Levels of Perception". We will explore the third Level of Perception: Orderly Chaos: that perception and creativity is spontaneous and before concept or interpretation. This workshop will introduce you to being an everyday Absolute modern Artist. 

Please Note: There is no requirement for this workshop but it is recommended that you first take the Looking and Seeing workshop being held at the centre on May 13th & 14th.  Looking and Seeing can also be done as an online course with Nalanda Miksang teacher Julie Einstein ([email protected]).  There will also be a public talk on contemplative photography and meditation on Thursday, May 11th at 7PM.  For information on AbsoluteEye visit www.absoluteeye.org.
John McQuade is one of the founders of Miksang contemplative photography and is the founder of Nalanda Miksang and AbsoluteEye photography.  He is also co-author of Looking and Seeing: An introduction to Nalanda Miksang.  He is a long-time practitioner in Shambhala and was twice the Director of the Toronto Shambhala Center, a Shambhala Training teacher and a Maitri Five Wisdom's teacher.  
Important information for those who would like to register or who have already registered:  Our website registration system is not working even though it looks like it works and even for those who have paid.  Please email 23foster at telus dot net to make sure your name is on the list.