Miksang Level I: Looking and Seeing (an introduction to contemplative photography)

with Michael Foster

September 3rd—October 1st (2017) -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $150 Program Price
  • $180 Patron Price
Room: Main Shrine Room

Photo by Michael Foster

This class introduces the practice of contemplative photography. Based on Chogyam Trungpa\'s Dharma Art teachings, this training provides a way to connect with true or clear perception. On the basis of direct perception one can make pure, simple and vivid images. Direct perception also connects with the heart sensibility of Basic Goodness and can enhance the depth of one\'s meditation path. This workshop will benefit photographers, contemplatives, spiritual seekers and meditators.

This five week course works through teachings, image assignments and image reviews. No photographic experience is necessary but you need a digital camera. A \"point and shoot\" camera is fine. Cell phone cameras are also acceptable as long as you have a way to get the images onto a USB device or are using a photo sharing app such as Flickr.

The text for the course will be Looking and Seeing: Nalanda Miksang Contemplative Photography by John McQuade and Miriam Hall which is available on Amazon.ca as a paperback or e-book.

The cost of the course is $150, $50 for repeat participants or whatever you can afford.

Michael Foster has been a member at the centre for ten years. He is certified Nalanda Miksang instructor and Shambhala Guide.