Sunday community sit: online only at this time

November 22nd

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    SUNDAYS, 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

    No in person sitting but please join us online.

    Join us on Zoom:

    Passcode 531933

    Our public meditation practice sessions highlight the Shambhala community’s core practice—mindfulness-awareness meditation—in both sitting and walking forms.

    Sunday sessions start and end with chants and short contemplations. Everyone is welcome, and participation is free of charge. Participants may come and go as they wish.

    For explanations of the chants, see Essays on the Shambhala Buddhist Chants (PDF), by Russell Rodgers.

    To learn more, contact us at [email protected].

    See our Regular Public Events Schedule for a summary of all of our regular public events.